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Office of Mediation

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Office of Mediation 
9300 Quincy, 3rd Floor 
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
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Susan Organiscak

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Mission Statement: To provide the community an expedient and successful alternatives to resolving dispute resolution through highly effective mediation systems.

Overview: What is Mediation? Mediation is a voluntary process in which the parties develop their own parenting plan wit the help of the mediator. The mediator is a neutral third party who encourages parents to discuss the issues concerning their children and to help them reach an agreement. The parties control the outcome and they can communicate their feeling with each other directly, in a safe environment. This reduces hostility and helps foster a rational discussion. The outcome of the mediation is limited only by the nature of the problem and the ability of the parents to work together for their child’s best interest.

  • Fosters communication
  • Provides a safe environment to discuss family issues
  • Empowers families to develop their own parenting plan
  • Expedites the court process
  • Saves parties money